Marketers of Tomorrow FAQ

Here are some of the questions we get asked about Marketers of Tomorrow. Marketers of Tomorrow won’t be right for everyone. Here are the details so that you can make an informed decision!

Marketers of Tomorrow will run 2 times a year. Enrollment opens in June and January. It is a highly actionable program designed to walk you through the steps of delivering a B2B marketing plan for your business or client in 6 weeks. You will have a scalable, strategic marketing plan and system for execution at the end of the course if you follow along and do the work.👊🏿👊👊🏽👊🏻

You’ll get the most out of the course if you do the course sequentially without skipping - especially considering that there are some stages where progression will be impossible unless you’ve done the work. However, how you choose to learn with Marketers of Tomorrow is flexible. You can learn online in your own office (or in your PJs), at your own pace making sure you finish the lesson each week. We recommend that you block at least 5 hours per week to work on your Marketers of Tomorrow marketing system.

Marketers of Tomorrow™ is available as a self guided online course priced at $750 per person. This will provide lifetime access to Marketers of Tomorrow, meaning that you will be able to go through the course again if desired. There are tuition assistance programs available, simply inquire.

We make it our business to break down complex B2B marketing concepts into understandable, repeatable and highly scalable systems that you can start using right away. Not just inbound marketing, but account-based marketing, and other lead generation methods. The program is designed to cater to marketing novices with the assumption that students have at least a baseline level of digital savviness.

Also, programs like Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Academy are Hubspot centric. Marketers of Tomorrow’s program focuses on the best tools for digital marketing across the board. We’ve designed Marketers of Tomorrow to be not your run of the mill training course. You’ll be entertained along the way with great design, stories and humor. We want to empower the next generation of marketers to kill it online and have fun while doing so. We offer an alternative to snooze worthy online marketing education solutions lacking humanity, credibility and depth.

The Marketers of Tomorrow program features will also reflect these three core value attributes:

1.Opportunity - We will offer scholarships to students who demonstrate financial need.

2.Community - Access to our digital marketing community; and online mastermind events held once a year will allow marketers to bring marketing challenges to the table and get real guidance and solutions from peers and influencers.

3.Access - Marketers of Tomorrow students will have access to the course for life. Our goal is to build a community of supportive B2B marketing --entrepreneurs.

While the majority of our students have a business, we believe that the course has great value for leaders who are still refining their ideas as well as corporate intrapreneurs. Here’s why: Marketers of Tomorrow™ is helpful for anyone who needs to understand online marketing and is looking to leapfrog the painful learning period and get to growth and goals faster.

Most business owners are spending their time working on the wrong things. They are suffering through the learning curve. They are playing trial and error with other peoples money or worse... with their own money. With the insane amount of information on online marketing it is incredibly easy to lose sight of what to do. Whether you are a marketer working for yourself or someone else, you’d like to spend less time working, and more time enjoying your success. Everyone knows that goals are important and that for success you need to set goals. One of the things I learned early on as an entrepreneur is that goals are harder to achieve without strong system in place. The real benefit of this program is: It Will Help You Work Less While Running More Successful B2B Marketing Campaigns.

Our goal is to help you position yourself for success in the middle of what is a dynamic and insanely fast growing B2B marketing landscape. One final note on this. If you have reservations, listen to your gut. You’ll get more out of Marketers of Tomorrow if you know what you want to achieve. We can’t predict if you’ll find clarity and results whether in your business or everyday life. In other words, make a thoughtful decision!

We recommend scheduling at least 3-5 hours a week in advance to watch the lessons and apply what you learn. If you go through Marketers of Tomorrow, stay on top of the weekly pace and fully participate we estimate 5 hours per week for a marketing novice. Other factors that will affect how much time you’ll need for Marketers of Tomorrow are:

1. How experienced you are in digital marketing

2. How experienced you are with technology

3. Your overall clarity about your marketing goals

4. How quickly you make decisions

5. Whether or not you choose to participate in our live coffee chats (these are optional)

6. Whether or not you complete every piece of homework

7. Whether or not you choose to follow along each week with the recommended pace of the course

In the long haul, success has a lot more to do with less exciting character traits: patience and endurance. If there's a true secret to success, it's hard work, period. Or, more accurately, very hard work. Be ready to work.

No program works unless you invest in it. If you’re expecting Marketers of Tomorrow, or anything else, to magically solve your problems or make you money, please do not sign-up. This is not a “get rich” quick program.’ We’ve designed the course to be both affordable and deliver as much value as possible. This is about you and the future of your business brand and personal brand online.

You have to ask yourself these questions: Am I willing to grow? Will I make the time to put in the necessary work? If you are willing to do the work, this course will pay for itself. Having a strong online presence has led to many opportunities for me and Spectacled Marketer.

Yes. Whether your business is optimizing for a longer purchase decision cycle (B2B) or a very short one (B2C), you must focus first on the human-to-human (H2H) relationship in both your marketing and your sales efforts. Harnessing the power of a well-thought out marketing strategy ensures your communications are more H2H, and that’s a change in business we're all able to appreciate – even your bottom line. Successful marketing capitalizes on the human-to-human relationships that surround business transactions in the following ways:

1. Pain-focused 🤕 – Every human buying purchase is based on pain, whether it’s a pain of being left out of a fashion trend or a pain of an inventory management system that no longer fits your business. Once people’s pain becomes acute, they're ready to buy from you.

2. Persona-based – Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customer, but you should use them for more than just your targeting strategy. Use your buyer personas to remind you that your customers have particular human needs and pains just like you – then optimize your sales process to relieve those pains.😊

3. Search🔍 – Inbound marketing optimizes your webpages for people first and search engines second, because even if your website is on the first page of Google, no one buys from a website built for robots. Soon enough, even Google won’t rank your site well if it isn’t answering searchers’ questions.

4. User experience 👩‍💻 ­– Your company’s website design should first focus on providing a remarkable user (i.e., human) experience to each of your visitors. Even if you’re an enterprise-level B2B brand, each of your visitors is still a single human looking for a complete website experience.

5. Social media – An H2H approach keeps in mind that social media strategy is about a prospect or client conversation and not just another publishing tool. Inbound marketing then leverages that conversation to generate more leads for your business.

6. Analytics 📊 – It’s easy to get lost in the numbers and quantifiable results of inbound marketing, but remember what your marketing metrics are for: Website traffic, page conversion and social reach data exist to help you better connect with your (human) customers and deliver a remarkable experience.

7. Sales guiding 🤝🏼– Humans don’t want to be sold to, they want to be guided to the decision that best solves their current pains, and your sales process should reflect that shift in buyer behavior. Stop selling just to meet your quota, and start guiding to develop more long-term relationships with customers.

It depends. While Marketers of Tomorrow does cover more advanced topics that typical online marketing programs, we can’t cover everything under the sun in a mere 6-8 weeks. If you have questions about specific topics, please reach out and we’ll let you know if it is in the curriculum or if there is a future webinar you should tune into instead.

Also, we encourage you to keep an open, always learning mindset. I know that I always manage to pick up something or reinforce something whenever I invest in a new program. Instead try this approach: what can I do with this information even though it is already somewhat familiar to me? How can I apply this in a new way or refine marketing methodology from this? That said, we cannot and do not guarantee any results. If you’re already successful online and consider yourself an expert in inbound marketing, search engine optimization, social media, blogging and email marketing then there’s no need for you to join Marketers of Tomorrow.

Think about every major decision to try something new in your life. There comes a point when you begin to wear out your welcome to status quo land. The topic of change is always relevant. You can count on everything changing. We are all thinking about changing something everyday and are constantly on the verge of changes big and small.

If you want to take Marketers of Tomorrow, I say go for it. If you are in a stuck place or you are not sure where to go next with your marketing you have two options. Option #1 – let change happen to you (not really an option) or option #2 ACT. I believe that curiosity and a willingness to embrace the unknown are what help us manage change. Today, I’m throwing down the challenge to you to invest in yourself. Never stop trying to learn and grow. However, if you are truly unsure, Marketers of Tomorrow twice a year.

The standard enrollment period for Marketers of Tomorrow is two weeks. Marketers of Tomorrow happens 2 times per year.

Yes. We will have 2 group online coaching chats and there will be a few opportunities for 1:1 coaching conversations with MO2 team members.

Yes. If you’re going through Marketers of Tomorrow and you find that we are not delivering on expectations, we will refund your money under the following conditions: You can test drive the course for up to the first 4 modules. If you do the work and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll refund 100% of your money.

Important: To be eligible for a refund, we require your completed homework from all 4 modules. If you take action and do the Marketers of Tomorrow assignments, you’ll see results. If you do the work and don’t get value, then we’ll refund you 100% of your tuition. We do this because we want you to have skin in the game. We’re in this together with you and we take delivering on the promise we make to you very seriously.